Sunday, 21 December 2014

Happy Yule! - Date night dinner-

Remember , right click and open in a new tab to be able to use the magnifying tool !

This is what we do on date nights! Home made dinner, minecraft dates, 5$ movies from HMV , its all the small things that add up and make us happy :)

This was drawn about a month and a half ago, my tummy sticks out quite a bit more now!
But this comic still has relevance today, it shows a good part of the things I have to be thankful for this Yule <3

We have a happy home, sometimes the dishes aren't done, sometimes the house is messier than we mean it to be, but thats ok, because we're happy, we are happy here together in the warm, in the blanket fort, playing minecraft,
I'm thankful for my happy home!

We have the fuzzbabies, Roxxie and Rohman, they are an endless source of purring, unconditional love *so long as the tub has a puddle of water* they give us comfort and friendship and that unnerving feeling that we're being watched in the night X)
I'm thankful for my Cats!

We have food in our cupboards, heat in our house, and some presents under our *singing* tree.
Some of these things couldn't have been had without a little help this season, so I'm thankful to the people who helped us have these things,
I am thankful for the creature comforts in our home!

I am thankful for our family and friends!

So thankful for all of these amazing people that  I '' can't even! " X)

We have a baby on the way, I'm thankful that he is healthy and growing like a weed, I'm so happy that HB reads him stories and that he moves and punches when he hears his Dad come in the door from work, that we can share in this journey all of us together is hugely important for me.
A Mum a Dad and a Baby, in a loving , happy home, *with cats* its so storybook to me its almost unbelievable.
I'm thankful that the little Poppleton is healthy and so well loved!

Most of all though, I'm thankful for Honeybee <3
He's quirky and throws his sox off as soon as he gets in the door, is just as odd as I am, and loves me for just exactly who I am.

There's always more that I'm thankful for, always always, its just so hard to put it down into print,
 I'll just leave it with this thought,
My heart is full, and we're happy.
Thats the best thing I could hope for this season :)

File finding and Popsicles = True Love!

My brains are so tired, it was a good day!
HB saved the day twice this week, once with popsicles yesterday and once today, the little sketch above saved as a file type that my photoshop wouldn't recognize!
(There were definitely some hormone and frustration induced tears )
Somehow, just somehow he got it to open after I thought it was lost for good !

Honeybee, you are the best ever !

(I know there are things that motherrisk says are 'probably' or 'may be' safe for use with colds while expecting, but really the amount of worrying that I would put my mind through would just not do.
So far, the old natural remedies , and sleep have been working just fine!)
** With a few Orange Popsicles making the best of the worst X) **

<3 (__)======