Saturday, 31 October 2015

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween !

I hope everyone has a wonderful day no matter how you celebrate :)
Please remember that its EVERYONE'S HALLOWEEN, some kids are non verbal and
can't say trick or treat, or thank you, some have poor motor skills and may take more than one
candy by accident, and some kids like my brother are over 6 feet tall!
Be kind and remember that even though some people look like adults, they're really kids *age wise or function* and besides, anyone and everyone who dresses up or performs a trick deserves a treat!

On Halloween as an autistic adult,

I've ALWAYS loved Halloween! I loved dressing up because I wasn't myself for that night, I could be anything I wanted! Anyone!
I could knock on doors without anxiety because I wasn't me, and literally everyone else was doing it , so I knew I wasn't bothering anyone X)
I love the pumpkins, and how pretty and twinkly they are in the night, the cool air, the people who dress up to answer their doors and the small peeks inside their small universes beyond the closed doors.
I love everything about Halloween, HOWEVER
It can really be a toss up for kids on spectrum.
I love it, my brother HATES it, he's afraid of the scary faced pumpkins, and thinks he's too big, that people will turn him away *kid's been taller than me for the last 3 years and he's only 14! *
He has stamina issues like I do, and doesn't actually eat much candy.
But he loves spending Halloween visiting a neighbour or two, Gramma, and then watching Halloween specials and eating popcorn cozied up at home :)

Its all about celebrating the way that makes you feel safe , happy and comfortable!

My little Rootlebug is a cute fall troll!

Honeybee and I are fall spirits this year carrying a little fall troll for Halloween :)
Trick or Treat! A joke from Rootles and I for all the baby wearers and Mommies *Mummies?* out there :D