Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Words have power.

Warning, there may be triggers for people who have experienced verbal abuse, but I think I was tactful enough that it should be alright :/

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Hey there everyone :)
A new comic! I know , I'm excited too! It was kind of a heavy topic, but you knew we would hit some of those eventually.
 Words have power, its so true, a lot of people don't realize the power of  words until they've been on the negative end of a whisper, and still felt their proverbial cheek stinging days later from the whispered slap :/ Its not very nice, but likewise ,kind words can be totally uplifting , and empowering!
*or if you're into spoken slam poetry, some of them out there leave me with brain/body tingles the words have so much to say!*

I have a project for everyone this month, it being the Valentine month, spread the power of good words! Take the time to say something meaningful , nice or empowering to someone, at least once a week or more if you want/can!
It will make that person's day, and their smile will make you smile, keep the good juju in the words, even when you don't think anyone is paying attention, someone always hears you, especially if you have cats,they love being complemented *lols*

Parents especially, keep the good power of words, your children will learn to empower others with their words and feel better about themselves , which is a pretty awesome power in today's world I think . Even if your little one is non verbal, ALWAYS ASSUME COMPETENCE!
They hear you, make sure what you're telling them , even inadvertently, empowers them :)