Friday, 16 May 2014

Membership Card.

A post about bullying, you've been warned!
As you all know, writers often use things that happen in their life that inspire them, I appologize in advance if I offend anyone with the following comic. It is an often coined phrase, 'don't make me write you into my novel, I could kill your character!' While I'm not going to be offing anyone's character , you DO have to know that being near me, you may inspire comics, you may appear or have words in my comics.
So , I'm sorry. :/
**AND I'm not mad or anything with anyone, just to clarify,
 I hope no one will be mad with me.. ...**
No names appear, however the words are actual things that people have said or written that have disheartened me , and emboldened me to write about Bullying in the Spoonie community , however it applies to everyone else in ALL communities as well.
Having said all that, we all screw up sometimes, we all make mistakes, if no one tells you what you may have done ''wrong'' or how you offended them , how can we make positive change?
 The fact is that I've been avoiding putting this one up for fear of the backlash that I may find waiting for me at the tips of fingertips on keyboards. The way I see it is , if I've affected or offended enough to make people angry, then I've done what a good writer will do. I've made you think. Ok. So, here 'goes.

Larger versions of all these *I realize how teeny the writing may be* can be found at
my deviantart gallery, please go there if you're having a difficult time reading it here.

Love and a Spoon
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Monday, 5 May 2014

May the 4th be with you! * a day late*

I`m still kicking around, just so you know :)
It feels weird but nice not to be online all the time, this week was free comic book day
I hope everyone who went out and braved the crowds was rewarded with many good and awesome thingies X)

This weekend coming is COMIC CON IN OTTAWA! WOO!
HB and I will be going on Friday, that way the crowd won`t be as big as Saturday and we can find all sorts of lovely things. **I like buttons ! :D** I usually find two or three that I like, and I REALLY kind of go just for to see the costumes and artist alley :)
I don`t really care about big celebrities, no one has really made a huge impact on my life as a tv or movie celebrity so, yep.
But I really do enjoy seeing all my fellow artists , people who aren`t famous yet, I like seeing them trying to make a name for themselves and I support them the little bits that I can by buying their things.
**Small things, because I don`t have a lot of fundage , but great things because they took the time to make/ draw the things that they brought out to offer at comic con **

ALSO the Immaculata high school in Ottawa is having a craft sale and Pancake breakfast from 10am to 3pm on Saturday! Mac fair presents BLOOM! The Mother's day edition!
So if you aren't going to comic con on Saturday and you haven't found that perfect Mother's day gift , thats a great place to get one X)

Anyways! Just checking in and saying hello and stuff,

Hope you're all having an awesome day :3

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Thursday, 1 May 2014

#HAWMC , a reflection of April AND the TARDIS DRAW!

You did it! You’ve crossed the #HAWMC finish line. Recap the past month for
us. What did you enjoy, what didn’t you enjoy? Favorite prompt?

I did do it didn't I?
I didn't know, about 10 days in if I would finish this thingy, 30 days feels a lot longer than I thought it would
now that I'm on this side of them!
However, I'm so happy that I did this, I'm happy that I did get through all 30 days even when I got slammed with the feels and didn't want to write a darn thing. I really did enjoy some of the topics though , they really got me thinking, and even if I didn't always verbally relate them back to A.S.D I was relating them in the fact that everything I do is experienced through that lense :)
My favorite prompt was probably what are some of my favorite things, and the hardest were What would I write to my 16 year old self, What advice would you give to someone in the job hunt and What are 5 challenges and 5 small victories.
They really got my gears turning as I tried to put positive spins on some pretty negative things that can and have happened in my life. I procrastinated till almost midnight a couple times! X)

What I liked about doing this is that it coincided with Autism Awareness month.
Even though every month of the year is Autism Acceptance month for me, I'm happy to have shared this April with everyone who visited my blog!
 If I helped one more person in the world become aware thats great, if I raised them up to Acceptance instead , even better :)
Because , like I said at day one, the world is now aware, now we need acceptance <3

What I didn't like, I am totally not used to spending THAT much time on the computer! O.O It really did take longer for me to get my thoughts out than I would have liked , and I'm SO looking forward to taking a bit of a hiatus from the deep thinking and blogging that was April X)
I'm still aiming for updating regularly every week, but I'm going to enjoy some extra time outside, and painting and drawing comics and catching up on laundry and , and , and *lols*


This part is probably what you're waiting till I stop flapping my fingers on the keyboard for!

*Bamp badaba damp badaba damp babad  babada   OOOOWEEEEEEEoOOOOOOOOOOOo!!*
**my attempt at the DR. Who theme song XD **

And here we go!


You've won your own original framed TARDIS Painting!
* It will be slightly different from this
one, but much the same :)*
Thank you so much for your words and feedback on my blog, AND for inspiring me to participate in the Wego Health Activist Month Challenge!
It gave me a whole new view on opening up your brains for the world to view and a bigger appreciation for those who share on a personal and more regular basis O.O
You've won a framed mermaid print!
A tiny green mermaid that has lots of growing to do, I think you and she will get along, just , don't put your fingers too close X)
With all the sharing you did on facebook you had a quite a few little papers in there!

Thank you for your support in sharing my posts !
Your clever comments are always welcome on my blog :)

You've won an assortment of beautiful little bookmarks!
*some may be different from the ones shown , but all enjoyable X) *

At least they're small and travel-able!

Your questions and support this month were awesome :)
Thank you so much for helping me spread the acceptance this month !

Thank you SO SO much to everyone who shared, liked, commented and followed the journey I undertook this April with the Wego writing challenge and Autism Acceptance month!

Your words and shares kept me inspired and driven to complete the month and I couldn't have done it without you :)
<3<3<3<3<3=======(___) ~'~ (___)=======<3<3<3<3<3

So, for the last time this April
(technically May but who's counting!?)
Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)=========