Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Life is louder now

22 Weeks

That's how long HB and I have been parents 💟

22 Weeks, 8 weeks of boobies feeding H-E double hockey sticks, 3 in our little family, 2 wonderful weeks camping, 1 tiny, toothy baby, and countless diapers!

Life is definitely louder now, but I love it 😺

Rootlebug is an amazing little person, I love watching him explore his world in new ways every day. I wake up to his smile and thumping me good morning, and go to sleep to him laughing in his dreams.
💟He is my most wonderful creation!💟

And I'm still a time lord, my second heart just lives outside of me now, vibrantly full of love and wonder.

Life in our spoonie house will never be the same, and I'm so thankful and happy that life is so loud now.

Love and a spoon