Q: What type of Autism Spectrum Disorder do you have?
A: I am PDD-NOS , pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified. *There is a bit about this in the January Archive of my webcomic :)   *
For more information check out my links page.

Q: Do you do art commissions?
A: Yes I do, please feel free to ask any questions regarding commissions via email at iamthebluefairy@gmail.com

Q: Why do you draw like this?
A: Because this is how my brains remember things, in little stories. It helps me relay information better to draw little comics than writing. I can get pretty long winded when I write.
I draw little characters here, because it helps me tell my story, or get out what I'm trying to say faster than super amazingly detailed drawings , though I do those too :)
My other art can be viewed on Deviantart at harusame.deviantart.com.

Q: How do I read your comic!? It makes no sense!
A:YES , because I'm using a blogger my comic has a chronological order to it, its just backwards!
You have to start at the end to read to the beginning, if that makes sense. Just go to the right side of the
page, click January and go to the bottom of the page , that will be the beginning post, it has a girl pointing
at the title with a swirly swirly box around the illustration. Hope that helps!

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