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Every time my family steps out the door , we get asked a lot of questions!

Some are about why my brother bumps into people, some are about why I've just started crying in the
middle of a mall for no apparent reason, some are about the sounds I make or about why my brother seems to do the chicken dance with his arms when he's happy.

Most are about the Dog in the red jacket that comes with us smiling and happy as can be just to be where we are :3

That is Chandler, he is Avery's service dog, and when I'm out with them he's just as attentive to me, and shows concern for any child near him! (Especially if he senses one is upset)
He's really a good fella!
He is allowed anywhere Avery is allowed with very few exceptions!

Why do you have a service dog? What does he do?

Well, in our case, Chandler helps Avery feel save in different situations. Chandler provides a calming releif for Ave in high anxiety situations and places,and reduces stress in public places , Chandler gives him a focus and lets him feel more comfortable in his surroundings. He also keeps Ave safe, provides unconditional love, and companionship that sometimes can be difficult to hold onto having Autism.
Chandler is a great introduction point for Ave to meet new potential friends!
He also helps by leaning on Ave, when he is agitated or stressed the pressure and warmth of Chandler can be really calming and soothing.

There are so many good things that dogs have to offer humans, I'm so glad we have Chandler in our family and I'm pretty sure by his goofy slobbery grin that he's pretty happy with us too!

If you would like more information on how Dog guides help people with Autism, or information on who to contact for more information, just follow the links below OR Google Autism Dog Guides in Canada!
That brings up LOADS of good reading material :)

Thanks for visiting, and if you've seen Ave and I out with Chandler and asked us about him or given him pats thanks for being awesome and saying hello !

Here is the information for the Lions Club, the lovely people who took the time to train and match our family with Chandler :
And a Video, this is where Mum and I went to train with Chandler before he came home!:

Here is an AWESOME write up from AUTISM DADDY about his Son's guide dog Paula!
They sought out and trained with a different company than we did, but I loved how he summed up his experience and the work of an autism guide dog companion :)

Here are some more links with information about Service dogs!

More videos:

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