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Links to information and websites that I find useful or things I really enjoy.
Some of these will be links to books I've read, places I've been and just all around interesting things.


For a quick introduction to ASD from The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit
organization run by and for Autistic people.

One of my favorite tumblers at the moment, another Autistic person telling his story in pictures. I quite like his comics, and his ABC's are fantastic!

I LOVE  this quote by blog author Just Stimming :Being autistic, to me, means a lot of different things, but one of the best things is that I can be so happyso enraptured about things no one else understands and so wrapped up in my own joy that, not only does it not matter that no one else shares it, but it can become contagious.
This is the part about autism I can never explain. This is the part I never want to lose. Without this part autism is not worth having"
You can read the rest of this here!:

A really great facebook page to follow, especially if you have younger kids with an ASD is the
Autism Discussion Page! " Helping children feel safe, accepted, and competent." This page has a ton of great
discussions weighed in on my loads of parents and even some adult members of the ASD community, he really goes through A LOT of great things from sleeplessness to sensory disorder, medication yay or nay, the differences between labels. Just good , good stuff !

Adults can be harder to diagnose, because we've become accustomed to hiding so well in plain sight, but under observation or living closely with someone our social deficiencies become apparent very quickly.
This is a good blog called -Aspie Strategy, Helping each other enjoy life and relationships on the spectrum.


A really great book by Rudy Simone, SO worth the read for anyone wanting to understand the female
presentation of Asperger Syndrome. Information and insight from more than 20 girls and women with ASD!
Just really really good :)

Look me in the eye:My live with Aspergers by John Elder Robinson
This is a book that I read to understand my brothers more, initially, then I started really finding that I was almost reading some of my own feelings and memories.

The reason I jump by Naoki Higashida
An entire book by a 13 year old from Japan, written and read in a Question and Answer style its really good. I may take some time to answer some of the questions in the book for myself sometime, the way I answer things. Really a lovely insight from someone so young :)

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