Sunday, 15 March 2015


A couple weeks ago we got to take a weekend off at HB's Mum and Dad's house, it was a relaxing work weekend X)
Gramma Di taught us how to make 30 freezer meals and 30 days of work breakfasts for HB for about $100 and one day of prep and cooking. It was pretty epic!
I did the fruit chopping for mini pies and kind of just stayed out of the way, leaving the noise of the processors and all the speedy spicing to the kitchen witches ;)
I just don't move as fast in the kitchen as HB and his Mom, especially not with a big belly full of squirmy baby!

When all the cooking and rushing for the day was done we went to visit our favourite store in Pembroke, Brimstone & Belladonna , the most amazing little esoteric shop ever!
Its very easy to fall in love with B&B AND the two wonderful witches who make it so homey <3
If you're ever in the Pembroke area I definitely reccomend a stop in for any and all ecclectic requirements!

AND THEN.... ... ....
I PLAYED DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS for the first time ever XD
And you know what? I had a lot of FUN!
(HB had to help me with picking the right dice and adding them up quickly , but I really had a good time playing my character!)

I played a short ,ugly little half orc named Amy Apocalipstic XD
She's married to a flamboyant, pink leather armoured, Jack Harkness type will do anything with legs, half orc man , Marco Apocalipstic!
(Hes a little nuts, asking his axe ,Hellena Handbasket, for permissions and advice before doing anything EVER)

Amy is more of a hit it with a stick kind of person, FrackaWhacka now ask questions and get healed later type girl *lols*

Here are some sketches from our adventure :D

*the little pencils are mine, blue pen are hb

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Making a baby- Autistic and pregnant

This is my first time blogging by phone, so I hope this works while my computer beasts are on the fritz!

This is a mini zine I drew this week while I was hovering around the house while HB was at work, at 8 months pregnant I find myself too exhausted to do big work at the moment but I still wanted to make a comic this month :)

So here we are, lots of cuteness with a side of positve message, hope everyones having a good week!

Love and a spoon
♡ (___)=======