Monday, 5 May 2014

May the 4th be with you! * a day late*

I`m still kicking around, just so you know :)
It feels weird but nice not to be online all the time, this week was free comic book day
I hope everyone who went out and braved the crowds was rewarded with many good and awesome thingies X)

This weekend coming is COMIC CON IN OTTAWA! WOO!
HB and I will be going on Friday, that way the crowd won`t be as big as Saturday and we can find all sorts of lovely things. **I like buttons ! :D** I usually find two or three that I like, and I REALLY kind of go just for to see the costumes and artist alley :)
I don`t really care about big celebrities, no one has really made a huge impact on my life as a tv or movie celebrity so, yep.
But I really do enjoy seeing all my fellow artists , people who aren`t famous yet, I like seeing them trying to make a name for themselves and I support them the little bits that I can by buying their things.
**Small things, because I don`t have a lot of fundage , but great things because they took the time to make/ draw the things that they brought out to offer at comic con **

ALSO the Immaculata high school in Ottawa is having a craft sale and Pancake breakfast from 10am to 3pm on Saturday! Mac fair presents BLOOM! The Mother's day edition!
So if you aren't going to comic con on Saturday and you haven't found that perfect Mother's day gift , thats a great place to get one X)

Anyways! Just checking in and saying hello and stuff,

Hope you're all having an awesome day :3

<3 (___)========

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