Friday, 16 May 2014

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A post about bullying, you've been warned!
As you all know, writers often use things that happen in their life that inspire them, I appologize in advance if I offend anyone with the following comic. It is an often coined phrase, 'don't make me write you into my novel, I could kill your character!' While I'm not going to be offing anyone's character , you DO have to know that being near me, you may inspire comics, you may appear or have words in my comics.
So , I'm sorry. :/
**AND I'm not mad or anything with anyone, just to clarify,
 I hope no one will be mad with me.. ...**
No names appear, however the words are actual things that people have said or written that have disheartened me , and emboldened me to write about Bullying in the Spoonie community , however it applies to everyone else in ALL communities as well.
Having said all that, we all screw up sometimes, we all make mistakes, if no one tells you what you may have done ''wrong'' or how you offended them , how can we make positive change?
 The fact is that I've been avoiding putting this one up for fear of the backlash that I may find waiting for me at the tips of fingertips on keyboards. The way I see it is , if I've affected or offended enough to make people angry, then I've done what a good writer will do. I've made you think. Ok. So, here 'goes.

Larger versions of all these *I realize how teeny the writing may be* can be found at
my deviantart gallery, please go there if you're having a difficult time reading it here.

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)========


  1. That makes me sad how people turn so easily on one another. You're exactly right, no two people are alike and everyone is different. You just gotta keep being you, that's what makes you so wonderful.

    All in all, you're pretty alright in my books, Mae ;)

  2. I think that in cases like this [or in any case really] we need to celebrate the differences between each other. Afterall, these differences are what make us each unique :)

    1. SPOT ON!

      You are exact-itcally correct-acus <3
      Thanks Alisa!
      You're pretty magnificent in my books too :)

  3. awesomeness is you! autism is part of you, artistic and all that jazz! loving you for you!