Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Rootlebug and Mummy's new coat

 This fall when I pulled out my winter coat, I discovered the poor beastie had patch worthy spots , and wasn't big enough to close around Rootlebug and I to wear him in the winter.
*We're a baby wearing family, the little one just HATED the stroller whenever we've tried and its what works for us, and him :) *
Plus, my coat had buttons, not zippers, leaving me unable to buy a zip in panel :/
The coats made specifically for baby wearing at the shops I visited just didn't fit this curvy Mummy, so we decided that we needed something different, something utterly special and a tradition in Canada's north. 

Rootle , Daddy and I researched and looked and decided that an Amauti would be amazing for us, the traditional baby carrying coat from our Northern Aboriginal people. 
We really did do a lot of research, and discovered that some Inuit/Inuk don't mind sharing their traditional wear with mothers of non-Inuk background because they want to share the bond that happens when you wear your children and keep them close. 
We wanted to be respectful of the people and this beautiful tradition and contacted an Inuk owned company and asking if they would mind making one for us, because the design of an Amauti is copyrighted to the Northern people with different styles originating in different areas of the North and for different times of year.
The hard part was looking at our budget, and seeing that there was just NO wiggle room to make this happen :(
Thats when Honeybee came up with an idea for a giant art sale, a giant Amauti art sale, it would be the first time that I would sell my original art! Excitement!
And this is where all of our friends, family and readers really made us feel extremely loved and so valued, when the sale went up online, friends and family jumped for the pieces they wanted <3
Within a couple weeks we had enough money to order,
thanks to all of you who bought original art from Rootlebug and I, and printed greeting cards, we were able to buy our Amauti!

PS. If your still interested in greeting cards and art, they are for sale HERE

Roots and I wanted to wait until it arrived to tell everyone the amazing news and say a great huge THANK YOU! 
To everyone who made it possible for us to have this amazing baby wearing coat <3

So here we go! Pictures of the grand un''boxing'' of our beautiful Amauti


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