Monday, 24 March 2014

A Guest Post! How Exciting! :D

Thanks HoneyBee for helping me out with this weeks' post! I love the Disney reference ! <3
I was in Quebec with my family over the weekend so HB drew this weeks' What's the A.S.Deal!?
                                                                                I love it!
Meltdowns aren't fun for anyone, as scary as they can be from the outside , an absolute cacophony of not cool is happening on the inside. Its like everything is coming at you and slamming you at once, standing inside a tornado, or maybe a better thing to tell you about how meltdowns feel is this:
its like I'm in the circus, and I'm putting on a good show, every day, today I'm juggling. Three balls, nice and easy, perfect and I'm jumping through the hoops that I know how to jump through while juggling. Suddenly the audience throws another ball into my carefully planned steps! Its ok, I can handle it, its ok , I can do this one more ball thing, look at me! 4 ball juggling! And then the hoops get set on fire,,,, Well, that's a bit intense! I start to sweat, second guess everything, concentrate concentrate concentrate! Hey!
Who threw that ball! 5 juggling balls? Omg, omgomgomgomg, Six? When did that one appear! Holy Crows what they SEVEN! THERE ARE SEVEN, AND DID YOU RAISE THE HOOPS??!!
And then I drop all the juggling balls, trip through the hoops and the whole tent goes up in flames and laughter. Its just a metaphorical story, but I think you can imagine how it could happen.

If you don't REALLY KNOW the person having the meltdown, DO NOT TOUCH!
It really could end up with both of you getting hurt! We may not recognize you in our state of mind and lash out at who we preceive to be a stranger.

DO ASK IF THE PERSON IS OK, if they don't answer you, please don't assume that its because we don't want to. Often during a meltdown I lose my voice, I have pain in my voicebox that just doesn't let the words come out, I'd REALLY LIKE to tell you what's wrong, and I'm just not able making the stress amplify.

GET OUT OF THE STRESS ZONE, if you're in a public place with someone and they start showing signs of meltdown or distress, get the heck outta there! A meltdown can take anywhere from minutes to months to overcome depending on the circumstances, it really is best to try and avoid rather than deal with the aftermath.

Please DON'T HECKLE , DISVALUE, or BELITTLE us while trying to get us back on track!
Its not our FAULT that we're acting this way, and this just puts shame in our pockets to keep for later.
The more you yell and push, the harder we'll either push BACK or fall away from you.
The harder it is to go into recovery mode :(

A box of tissues wouldn't be a bad idea :)

Anyway, I hope this helps a little bit! Meltdowns are hard on everybody, but please remember its always harder on the person doing the Melting.

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