Saturday, 8 March 2014

Being sick sucks,Pain Tolerance, and a sad story :/

This week felt , SO big, SO long and SO STRESSED OUT!  I was working on one of my biggest paintings
EVER, and I didn't really take that great care of myself.... I used my super focusing powers *I'll do a page about it later * and super forgot about things like, eating, sleeping and taking breathing time.

**Just to make sure , I didn't mind at all focusing so hard! I just didn't realize that I had kicked out the legs on my chair,, so to speak.  The painting was amazing , and so well received and well loved I know its going to be very enjoyed , I just wanted to put that very positive point in there.**

I had wanted this painting to be SO SPECIAL that I put everything of me in it, and then, I lost my hat.

No metaphor, after having delivered the painting and driving home with Honeybee, I discovered that my FAVORITE black slouchy hat with the ENORMOUS pompom was nowhere to be found. :(
None the less to say, its embarrassing , there were tears, and rather than having me mope around for a week
because I didn't go back to look, HB was ok with driving all the way back and looking on the road where we parked to see if it fell out of the car. Unfortunately not.
So he offered to knock at the house and see if I had left it there, I didn't know what to do with myself and followed him up to the door, unfortunately again, I made a silly of myself and hit meltdown mode in someone else's home D:

I know the person didn't mind it too much, but I couldn't get out what was wrong, and I just got super upset, and even more upset, because I couldn't TELL anyone what was wrong.
With meltdown, my voice decided to turn off.
I was just not functioning very well at all. :<
 I'm so sorry if I upset anyone, and thank you for the hugs, it did really mean a lot that you were so accepting of me. My oddness. I'm upset with myself that I couldn't keep it in until I got home, but thank you for telling me it was ok.
I know it was just a silly hat, but it was my silly hat.  :'(

Anyways, thanks , everyone, for just listening.

Original pain tolerance chart:
*about halfway down the page, if anyone knows the original original source feel free to let me know!*

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