Thursday, 13 November 2014

Throwback Thursday! (Trigger warning, dog bites)

Yep, I'm joining in the #TBT (Throwback Thursday) Shenanigans XD

Here's a comic I drew and inked after an incident last spring, but I haven't been able to touch
until now, because , well, I can still hear the dog, and the sounds that I made that I scared myself with!
Its not a fun memory and still pretty vivid O.o
So, here we go!

(Remember to right click the picture and open in a new tab for the magnifying glass feature!)

Ok, so maybe I'm a LITTLE afraid of dogs still X)
But can you blame me? That sucked! So when I can't see a dog coming , or when they unexpectedly bark at me , I'm still pretty jumpy O.o
The good thing is, I have some really good friends with really well behaved dogs that I've been able to hang out with and try to acclimatize myself around again, Leah's got Fezzik (who may or may not be a deer in disguise) he's a greyhound with a lovely personality, my Mum has Chandler, my brother's service dog, Alex and little Aelia, and ALisa and Brian have this (previously little) ball of hair that is as big as a grown dog at four months of age , Creedence. She's massive! And awesome!
All of these fuzzbabies are helping me slowly to trust dogs again, I've even gone to Bruce pit which is like a doggie playground for off collar fun, and the anxiety wasn't too bad :)

First day, after calming down

Two weeks later O.o

Lookit the pretty universe colors!
4 weeks of bruise!

Finally week 7! Its going away!
5 weeks and starting to heal nicely

It took about two months for the
darned thing to heal all together!
I'm just thankful, like I said in the comic, that it A: wasn't a little kid's face! The force with which that dog hit me was like a damned baseball bat on four legs!
B: That I wasn't pregnant! O.O
I can only imagine the force of the lunge and the stress and trauma, may not have been a good thing  if I WAS pregnant at that time D:
Thankful thankful thankful O.O

I think the worst part, other than the residual anxiety (PTSD?) that I'm still experiencing, is that, I know that I can run into this dog again ANY TIME, because bylaw wouldn't do ANYTHING.
I would have had to go and apprehend the dog myself and bring it in!! WHAT!?
Right, right , I'll get right on that O.o  NOT.

I've seen the bad yellow dog once more, with Alex and his little dog, and Honeybee. I didn't realize it was THAT dog until HB started leading me away from it, putting himself between everyone and me, and Alex and little dog did the same too, and that bad yellow dog tried to get us again!!!
(insert panic attack # 2 right there!)

Euw euw euuuw euw eeeeuuuuwwww! :(
I wish there was some way I could warn people on the path to Grama's house, I used to feel totally safe walking it by myself and now I have to go the long way to bypass that part :/

I shouldn't have to. The bad dog should have a muzzle on if it goes after people like that.
I think, anyway.

Alrighty! Enough with this Throwback Thursday, I've got Gnomes to draw and Comics to ink!
Thank you to all my friends and their well mannered dogs for your love and support over the time that I've found myself affected by this EXTRA anxiety :)

*like I needed more right!? X) *

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)=========

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