Thursday, 10 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC day 10!

And the winner is… You! You just won an award and are on stage, holding
your trophy. Write an acceptance speech. Who do you want to thank? How
did you get to where you are today? Don’t worry, we won’t rush you off

First! The only way I'm getting up in front of that many people is as an animated cartoon :)
So! A V-log acceptance speech of epic cuteness is what's going on!
First my little , large eared , pen and paper self will hold up the drawn award and shiney marks will come from it, you'll hear the Legend of Zelda 'trunk opening sound' DAH DAAH DAAAH DAAAAAAH!
Then she'll set it down and get to the following , much more smoothly than my real time self would:

Hi everybody :) I'm grateful to accept this award, and there are so many many people that I would like to thank, but I don't want to forget anyone really important D: So I'm not going to name names and get all namey and stuff, but I will say that each and every person I know is important, and has taught me something about life that I needed to know, so, y'all know who you are , know that I appreciate you, I love you something mighty, and Thank you .

I got where I am today because I put one foot in front of the other every day. I try to wake up happy, lots of days successful, some not as much. I got where I am today because many hands have pulled me along, many hands have held me up and many hands have pushed me forward on my path. I just draw pretty pictures, without everyone I know , everywhere I've been and everything I've done or that happens , every day I would have nothing to draw.

Yep , thats about it , short , sweet and simple :)


And now on to something different!
Just a reminder! There is a lovely draw at the end of this month!
3 Great little prizes to be won!
First prize:  Your very own, original TARDIS painting!
Second prize: A tiny mermaid painting print!
Third prize: A selection of printed bookmarks and postcards!
Every time you comment or share I'm keeping track and you will be entered every time they comment/share!
So make sure to leave just a little <3 if you want to make sure that I catch you :)
**I'm trying to keep up , and won't be able to catch all the re-blogs, but I'm trying!**


With yesterday's wordless Wednesday, I realized that many people may not know just what I was showing.
That , was my wall of happy! I started it in January when I had a really REALLY bad day, and it helped me feel better, it has good memories, and good things, my friends have added to it, and HB has too. 
It just reminds me that even on the worst days, the Tardis still happened, someone still loves me to the moon and I have friends that care with *both* their hearts X)

Love , but no spoon today, they're all used up! :/
<3 <3 <3

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