Thursday, 3 April 2014

Autism Acceptance month and #HAWMC Day 3!

Keep Calm and Carry On. Write & create your own “Keep Calm and Carry On”
poster. Try to make it about your condition!

Today's challenge was to create my own spin on the Keep calm , carry on posters
 that we all know and love so well X)

So? The stim Abides!
I love the Zen me in the middle and the fast movement of the lines I used with the hands and arms , because a lot of my own stimming is like that , just little movements that keep my day running all smooth and Zen-like!

Hows this for a Keep Calm poster!?
Web definitions
  1. "Stimming is a repetitive body movement, such as hand flapping. The term is shorthand for self-stimulation. Repetitive movement, or stereotypy, is often referred to as stimming under the hypothesis that it has a function related to sensory input."

    These are movements that I do or sounds I make or whole body actions that can help me calm down, show exitement , relieve stress, shake off auditory or other stimuli etc etc etc! 
  2. There are a million and one reasons I stim and a million and one stims! Everyone stims, EVERYONE :)
    Autistic people and non autistic people alike!

    Here is a recent piece of writing that I put up on facebook about stimming ,

  3. PUBLIC RANT ON STIMS! (its honestly not that bad)

    Ok, its official, there will be a comic on Stimming in the near future!
    I'm finding that it is a very misunderstood part of the Autism Spectrum Disorder, at least to everyone OUTSIDE our bodies, the ones grooving and rocking , clapping and tapping. 
    Its not understood, for some it can be frightening, misleading, angering and probably worst of those things embarrasing!
    For a parent to be embarrassed when their child rocks and to hiss ''STOPPIT! JUST STOPPIT!'' I've seen it way too many times.
    I hid my stimming for YEARS ashamed! I hid it in my room, the washroom the hallway, outside on walks and it made me MISERABLE in my own environments D:
    NO MAS! (no more!) Dude, I honor the stim.
    Its my body, my groove and I'm GOING TO ROCK TO IT.
    Or flap my sweater so it sounds like a bird fluttering, or hum or sing or tap or jump or drum or move or whirl like a dirvish or get up and walk around the room fast or , or or, or ororororor. The list continues . . .
    I choose to be comfortable in my skin, and therefore I groove along to my own tune. The stim Abides.
    You may not ever see it, but its there.

    Parents, family, friends, people at the mall or wherever, I know its hard to get, its hard to understand when we're small what's wrong, what affected us to start any one of the many motor movements that can be stimming, but please know , we don't do it to embarras or harass you, we're just trying to deal with the world from our unique sense of view. **yes, sense of view, not point**

    There is one difference, please don't stop the stim, with one exception!

    PLEASE RE-DIRECT! REDIRECT THE STIM! Forcefully stopping an injurious stim can be difficult and harmful, so, if possible at all, redirection is the best method, give a kid somthing ELSE to do, something better to do with his or her limbs, something that feels good to do! And lets you feel good about them doing it.

    There are some great youtube videos by autistic people describing how and why they stim, and how they've redirected them selves or have been redirected. These will help.
    But they won't help if the main source of wanting a person to stop stimming is because YOU'RE embarrased by it. 

    Anyways, rant over, steam ran out and now , I'm going to go walk around the room 3 times fast , toe walk down the hallway , make a dinosaur sound and jump on the bed to wake up my husband who wont mind at all my strange sounds or way of life , so long as I'm smiling today 

And that is IT for today Day #3 of Health and Autism Activism Done!

Love and and an Extra Spoon!

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