Saturday, 12 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC day 12!

Health Activist Choice Day 1. Write about whatever you want today!


Seriously, when did we stop playing? Adults forget how much fun it is sometimes because we get caught up in everything but the swing ropes :)
Next time you see a play park , I dare you to go down the slide! Climb up to the top of the structure and look down on your once caslte! And of course don't forget that there are sharks in the sand X)
 **if your body permits such shenannighins**

As a kid I was outside all the time, and now I find myself at a lack of outdoors, a lack of sunny days filled with laughing and running and playing. Even though I was never much for running, I did and do like to jump , climb, hang, and SWING. 

I don't know what it is but swinging is just so calming, I love the wind in my hair and the gravity feeling.
Swinging is awesome <3
We didn't need exercise when we were small because we were so busy playing that we forgot it was anything close to a whole body motion/emotional workout. When we play we are connected all the way, if you do it right! Mind , body and spirit work as one in a whirlwind of perpetual motion, there is no stopping!
Until your Mum yells from the porch or the street lights turn on right? XD

So thats what I'm saying today, don't forget what your body loves to do and your adult brain just HATES to admit it *its like the cool eighth grader hanging out sulking by the fence* 
Go          and          Play!

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)========

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