Friday, 25 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC day 25!

Fitness Friday. What do you do to stay fit? Tell us about your efforts in
maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

I've always been a curvy girl, but that isn't to say I'm not fit, I can walk for hours and  I'm pretty sure I can lift a bear! *metaphorically at least*
 AND I'm pretty flexible for my size which I'm thrilled with because I <3 yoga :)
The way you look ,doesn't define how healthy you are ,  people in the spoony community will know that , but there are still so many people who judge health just by looks!
So, here's my post for today!
** Weight training MAY help some people lose weight, but so far , not for me. Its helping me maintain
and be as healthy as possible as *I* can be. No matter WHAT I try I can't seem to lose the weight
I put on when I was on a couple medications a few years back. Which SUCKS because I try SO HARD!
***And DIET is like a cuss in our house, I gave up dieting because its stupid and it doesn't work. What does work, by way of making me FEEL better and I know its better for me is eating GOOD food, little to no BOXED items and stuff with 5 or less ingredients unless you made it yourself like I mentioned above :)
(I used to do the food deprivation thing, and I've tried every diet in the book, they turned me into a 
Hangry Bear, which wasn't nice for me at all, and no fun for anyone near me.)

What do YOU do to maintain healthy-ness ?

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