Monday, 21 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC day 21! Proof of Life, Positive!

Reflection. This is a day to reflect. For the WEGO Health family, we reflect on
those who lost loved ones in the Boston Marathon Bombing last year and
hope for a bright future for those impacted. Reflect on your journey to this
day, what are your thoughts and hopes for the future?

Reflection , I have one!
A year ago I was pretty much avoiding mirrors and being photographed, then I realized , everyone sees me anyway, and if by some horrible-ness I passed on, like , tomorrow **NOT happening, just sayin'**
Dark thought, but it comes up in my brains every now and again.
I wanted to at least have some photos of myself that I was happy to be in , and happy to be in WITH people I love, so that they can see that I lived .
I want proof that I'm living with all the happiness and love I can manage to fit into one life! <3
So far, goal successful!
I've been learning to like photos of myself and finding all the good things about me reflected back at me in the mirror,   I smile at and to myself more now because I'm happier than I have been in a very long time :)
**  pictures that I've aquired so far on my proof of life journey, not only of myself, but people and things in my life I love and enjoy can be seen at the bottom of this post! <3**

A second reflection :It has been almost a year since I started drawing What's the A.S.Deal!?
My style when I started wasn't my own, I was drawing in a partial Adventure time style, which is good, but not my own, over the year my drawings have changed little by little and I've found my own way of telling stories, not just drawing silly pictures. I tell stories, that people can relate to and laugh with , instead of laugh AT.
 I think that is a reflection of my own progress of really finding myself this year, finding my own ''voice'' in my life and in my art. I'm so proud of how far I've come as a human bean this year :)
Knowing that I had a reason for being so odd growing up and starting to share it                                           bit by bit, with myself , and publicly as in my comic has really helped me                                                       overcome some of my negative self talk, which is a totally amazing  accomplishment!
         I never knew just how hard on myself I was until I started standing up for myself, against my SELF!

A third reflection:  A lot of bad things happen in the world.
I won't even watch the news. Its rediculous how much the bad things affect me, and so I'll be truthful in saying that I didn't find out what happened in Boston for some days after the event. As well with most other world news after 9/11, I admit , I wish some days that I could keep up with it, but seriously it puts me in such a bad state that I can't process, I can't move, I just get STUCK.
I am so horrified that people, human beings have it in them such cruelty and darkness that they could do things like place bombs at the end of a marathon JUST to harm other human beings.

It hurts my heart, makes my tummy turn with sadness.
I hope there comes a time when BS like this is ancient history, I want humans to be kinder to one another.
We live pathetically short lives in the span of this realities' time, we should all be trying to live the best we can, I NEED US ALL TO BE BETTER someday.

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)=========
  My brother and I on parliament hill for 
World Autism Acceptance day :)

 Look! A full body photo that I love!
I have such a unique sense of style XD


Kiki's Delivery service?
 HoneyBee making a silly face!

Did I photobomb the cat or did he photobomb me?
Roxxie and Rohman! Proof they like one another, or at least are willing to tolerate sleeping  near each other on cosy things X)

A GREAT picture of our good pirate friend Gypsy Dee and HB :)

Mae making a silly reference face XD
 UUUUhhm. Whatcha' doin guys?

Ave again , hello :)
My Grandma and Mum

 Honeybee and I out on a date at the bird sanctuary, it was fun XD

One of our first real halloween costumes we worked on together!
OH HAI , you could turn on the water Nao?
 Beauty and the Beast, our way !

 These satyrs were AMAZING!
And then Gothic Pinnochio and the Blue Fairy,,, ,,, **This is who I am on grunchy days! (grunchy= grouchy and crunchy smoshed together) **
 Zambini and Sugar skull

Look , this is a throwback! My Mum, Great grandmother, my tiny self and my Grandmother!

HB and me with the most lovely Lisa , one of the Witchy ladies of Brimstone and Belladonna in Pembroke!

Monroe St. James and  another Sugar skull me :) I'd wear this makeup every day if I could!

 Mad Hatter and March Hare, and my Great Grandma and I when I was very little

My brother James being a monkey, Avery when he's small , me, Great Grandma and Grandma

 My Grandma used to run the Ottawa fishing derby when I was still short! It was pretty awesome
 Thanksgiving at Great Grandma Helen's house


a picture at Storyland!

 Oh, this is a NEAT one!
Jelly fishes X)
and Chandler and I at the front of the
Quebec Aquarium, in *my* version of winter gear :D

 My Rohman, from under my drafting table,,
Maaaam, what are you doing under there?

Mum and Chandler in the car on the way to Quebec
Roxxie bean! I caught you! X3 


 Mum , Dah and Chandler all passed out while Ave and I took photos and laughed because we tuckered them out while adventuring X)

 Proof of Life, Positive!

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