Tuesday, 1 April 2014


So some exiting things are happening this month!
Not ONLY is it Autism Awareness/ Acceptance month, but WEGO Health's Health activist writers month
challenge is happening this April as well! This is going to be a huge soul project month! :3

~Promote Autism Acceptance through my personal point of view in my comics
*why not awareness you say? Autism is gaining awareness already! The seeds are planted its time to grow some ACCEPTANCE along side the awareness :)

~What I hope to do here this month, is answer questions about Autism
~Keep up with the big kids! I'm participating in 30 days of blogging with Wego Health! My aim is to take the topic they give me for the day, give you guys a doodle (or photo-graphic)and my thoughts on it , EVERY day this month!
~Give you amazing people reading my comic 4 brand spankin' new comics!
~Hold an AMAZING giveaway for an original art peice!

Every person who leaves me a comment or question on my blog will be entered into a draw for :
First prize:  Your very own, original TARDIS painting!
Second prize: A tiny mermaid painting print!
Third prize: A selection of printed bookmarks and postcards!

Sounds good eh?
This includes sharing on facebook and other blogs! Just make sure to leave me a comment here because EACH AND EVERY SHARE , COMMENT OR QUESTION gets you another entry into the draw!

SO! Onwards !



Its true :)
Why do you think I do SO many comics with funny little daily happenings?
I love to laugh! ** insert Mary Poppins song here!**
Did you know there are groups that you go and you just laugh?! Its like Yoga for the soul, it makes faces and hearts happy! At first it feels a little odd, but then someone giggles , and someone snorts and laughs, and then everyone is laughing their cheeks off!
I love Love LOVE to laugh!
Most days its pretty easy to set me off into a volley of good old guffaws, but for the days that I'm feeling out of sorts , or even a little rargley, nothing makes me laugh like HB <3
My HoneyBee, my fiance can usually manage to make me laugh even when I don't feel like I WANT to. He puts on this weird laughing song and lipsyncs to it making such odd faces I can't help but crack up XD Or when he makes the dogs and cats 'talk', its just good fun and usually gets us both giggling pretty raucously :D
Other things that make me laugh, Disney movies, my Cats, Rohman and Roxxie, going for walks at the bird trail and watching the birds land on HB's head instead of his hand!
Driffloons carrying things away XD **HoneyBee's pokemon is driffloon and I'm bulbasaur :)**
Dogs, oh my goodness I love seeing my friend's dog Fezzik because he gets so exited and he's roughly the size of a small horse, he makes me laugh, and Chandler , my brother's service dog just has such a dumb lovey face on all the time X)
All these things make me laugh, and they make me happy :)
What makes you laugh/ happy ?

Link to the Lipsync laughing strangeness!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fzUwzEr2XnQ


  1. I actually have a Autism-related question! ...or several. (Warning, forgive my ignorance, or lack of tact because of it). I haven't known many people with ASD, but I've always wondered about a particular "breed" of individuals who have always stood out to me. I'm pretty sure that it's called autism "spectrum" for because of the wide spectrum of severity of symptoms and functional impairment, but I've always been intrigued by the fact that there are many people on the spectrum that may not be entirely functional, socially speaking, but have an amazing talent that just shines through, such as math or art. Is this common along the spectrum, or just on a particular side? Is a coping mechanism? Or an outlet for nervous energy? I ask because although you are on the spectrum and can't always deal with people in certain situations, and yet you create such stunning art. Was art an acquired skill or something that you've always excelled at? I'm just very curious at the connection (if there is one) between your artistic talent and your place on the spectrum.

    1. Hi Leah! :D
      Totally not an ignorant set of questions!
      I asked you to ask so here we go!

      It most certainly is called the Autism Spectrum, because no two individuals will present the same pretty much ever! Similarly of course but never quite the same :)
      There are even differences between the way guys and dolls present their autistic qualities! The spectrum like you mentioned is a totally vast area of traits and qualities that color each person with autism with a different crayon, not one with the eight colors , more like the new 150 color crayon boxes X)

      Previous to the new diagnostic criteria in the DSM5 there was everything from Non verbal extreme classic autism at one end of the spectrum to Aspergers at the other end with Pervasive Developmental disorders in between.
      Now we are all designated , or classed if you will ASD one big umbrella name. Thats a lot to cover with one diagnosis!
      From nonverbal extreme autism to very verbal and as much as I dislike the term ''high functioning'' Many Autistic people do have a talent :)
      Whether its painting, math , music, sorting , organizing , hula hooping, tibetan throat singing, acting, the list is never ending.
      Some are innate talents, and some are learned.
      I find the gift that most of us DO share is being able to hyperfocus, which allows us to nurture a talent already destined, or grow a new talent by becoming a bit of an undocumented expert in the feild we're interested in, does that make sense?
      Though, as many as do have a special gift, there are some that just haven't found what they're good at yet and preceive themselves as twice struck with the unlucky stick :(
      I know those people will find that special thing sometime for sure!

      So from what I find, a talented individual can come from ANYWHERE in the spectrum :)

      As for the potential for coping mechanism, I rely on my art to get my brain off the loop button , for relaxation , for boredom relief , it definetly CAN be a release of nervous energy , but stimming helps with that too! * a predetermined set or series of motions or sounds that helps me sort out the world around me , loosen negative energy, *unblock chi?* or just express exitement , happiness or anxiety pending on the movement*

      My art is my soul, my happy place. When I started , I did have some skill, but I've grown it over time. I took art classes in highschool and taught my self more than the teaches did XD College I took Animation and took double the time to graduate.
      So I have a natural AND grown affinity for art, especially beautiful watercolor illustration-y stuff :)

      I do believe being on spectrum helped me grow my artistic talent, where I failed socially I grew artistically :)

      I hope that was an ok answer (s) :3

      You are also the first person on my list for the draw at the end of the month!
      And now I'm going to check out what makes YOU happy! :D

  2. Oh! Also: THIS makes me happy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wgSLxl1oAwA


  3. My blind dog makes me happier than happy...especially when she runs head-first into a cat...and wiggles her tail ;)

    1. AAWWW! Mrouw! **wigglewigglewiggle**
      I can just picture it now XD

      Thanks Pattie! heehee :3
      I'm so happy to have yours as the second name in for my draw!