Friday, 11 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC Day 11!

Date Night. We’ve seen some posts from Health Activists on dating tips when
you have a chronic illness. What tips do you have for those looking for the
one fish in this big pond?

Dating with ASD, and ADHD hmm.. 

To be perfectly honest, I've never really done the dating thing in the traditional sense, but since when do 
I do things traditionally!? **except art X) **

I was going to go into some dating past, but I like my dating present much better :)

HoneyBee and I go on lots of dates, but they aren't dates like other people have them.
We don't have a lot of money , so its pretty simple we do lots of free activities together , we like to take 
walks, and go on trips to the library (feeding our minds AND our hearts! XD   )
Sitting on the balcony having coffee and talking about EVERYTHING is a date, if we call it one. 

More formal dates often take on the form of a $5 movie from HMV (that place is dangerous!) and a small 
bottle of wine, we've discovered some really lovely wines under $10 and some really un-lovely ones X)
Or homemade pizza with franks hot sauce and a local beer :) Picnics in the graveyards ! Its weird to other people but I really like it , very peaceful and noone bugs you if you make friends with who-ever you decide to sit with :)
* I like to leave a couple pennies or small stones for our host *

The key is to tailor your idea of dating to suit yourselves, don't limit yourself , but don't push yourself outside of comfort zones or neither of you will have fun, that isn't to say don't try something new though!
Honeybee loves to be active, but some days his pain level is right up there, and long walks are out of the question. Thats when movie nights or Tea dates , wine with MINECRAFT are really super! OMG I'll show you the castle we made on our last couple Minecraft nights! Teehee, Winecraft nights XD

>This was one of our first date nights, we played survival island! It turned into a series of nights like most of our minecraft projects :)

*the borg cube is a monster spawner! The monsters drop through a teeny hole in the bottom of the square and fall into the tea cup :)

> HB and me in the Minecrack!


> As you can see , our building style has evolved over time :) I love this castle!
Its got  a free range animal keep and hunting ground behind it, a plant garden , an arbory, a food garden, a wizards tower a chapel a church a hotel with 24 rooms , a games room with a GIANT checkers board and loads of awesome stuff  XD
<3 Just , so much cool!

I love adventuring out into the city and finding super little spots for tea or chachki shops, but some days my anxiety gets the better of me and so we go for a walk just around the corner for some fresh air and then make supper together, or cookies , HB is REALLY good at cookies :)

On finding your true love, that one, well, thats a little difficult sometimes.

I beleive everyone is tied together with red ribbon. The rabbit in the moon ties you together at your beginning and along the way you're holding onto one end of the ribbon, hoping to find out who's on the other end. 
Sometimes it may feel like you've met the person on the other end , but you've just run into a tangle and you meet some really nice people that way , but eventually you sort yourselves out and realize it may not work.
Sometimes tangles can make lovely and loving relationships though and many people stay tangled together because they are afraid that if they undo the knot , they may never find the other end of their ribbons. If they work together they can be very happy. But sometimes tangles are very bad, and NEED undoing, at the worst bad things and thoughts and feelings happen and ribbons rip, the rabbit can help retie your peices together , but it usually waits a while while your heart hurts and heals. Once you're ready you'll find your little bit of ribbon battered and maybe a little frayed , still there, attached to someone out there.
Sometimes you find the person after a short time, and sometimes you find the person after a looooong time.
Sometimes the story ends very sadly, where the person you are attached to passes away before you are able to meet, or , they are in a bad tangle and you have to wait it out.
The best stories always end when you can find the person at the end of your ribbon, and tie yourselves close together , so you'll never be lost without the other again .
The best stories always end in happily ever after <3

Anyways, The apple crisp is smelling A-MAZING and I'm going to make some tea, 
I'm taking HB out on a late date to the balcony to listen to a sims lets play and nom-i-fy some hot 
made with love apple crisp :)

Love and a Spoon
<3 (____)==========

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