Thursday, 17 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC Day 17!

TV Matchup. Think of a TV show that compares to your life. What is it? Who
would you be, who would your friends and family be?

Weeeell, today's is another rather tough subject to cover , but not why you might think!
HoneyBee and I just , don't watch TV O.O (at least, not very much!)
We haven't had cable in more than 5 years now, we gave it up for a couple reasons, one being its bloody well expensive! Its either internet and phone OR cable. That leads to the next thing people usually say, its pretty much without fail that the next words out of anyone's mouths are: Oh we don't have cable either! We just download/stream/torrent it! Are you saying you don't have a computer, because its really easy even my kid figured it out.

Oh... um...., gee, thank you,,, ,, for making me feel like I'm completely incapable.
 **just to put it out there, kids these days are frakkin' bright ok!? These short little folks who've been on this planet less than half my time are SMART O.O**

I totally DO have a computer, **duh** but we CHOOSE not to download/ stream/torrent tv either.

 There are very few exceptions, we do download a few shows every year, but I feel no need to be stuck in front of a tv for hours on hours because I WILL get obsessive and watch the WHOLE series in one go. *eye rolls*
Its awful, its not a lack of willpower , its just like a train with no brakes,
hyperfocus superpower's evil side effect.
I do have a couple tv series on dvd that I like to play for background noise, big bang theory,avatar the last airbender, legend of korra and HB finds Ru Paul every week because its something we watch together for an hour every week, its our time together <3 That, however is pretty much the extent of our tv watching.

ANYWAYS! Having explained all that , I had no idea what show I could compare to my life.
I suppose the closest one would be The Addams family, before the kids. The college days shall we say!

I can just imagine Gomez and Morticia in their first appartment *we actually have a sign that says "insane assylum" above our door* Books , dust and monsters hiding in every corner, we even have witch cats.
Working together , doing the kitchen dance , taking moonlight walks for midnight popsicles :)
I have a strange extended family, which fits with Morticia, and HB has Gomez's energy and bounding ideas and both of us are magnolia pale so avoidance of the sun via parasol and copious amounts of sunscreen are kind of odd but necessary in the summer. Yep, I think that fits.

So the Addams family, before the kids.
**here's how I imagine they met :)**
In case my writing is illegible
in this pic:
"Morticia right?
Hello, I'm Gomes!
You're studying french?!
I happen to ADORE french!
Its the language of LOVE
N'est pas?
I'd also love to take you out
to dinner!

Can we do dinner? ? ?.. .. ..

Or perhaps lunch?
Une petite dejeune?

..  . .. .  Brunch? .. .       .. .."



" Cafe au Lait"

Gomez:  O.O



Thats all for today!
See you all tomorrow :)

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)=========


  1. Holy friggin' NAILED IT!! :D YES!!! \m/ Omg, I {heart} you guys so much! xoxo

    1. XD Thanks Pattie! *giggling gleefully* xoxo!