Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Guys and Dolls, IT'S WORLD AUTISM DAY!

Or as I like to call it , World Autism ACCEPTANCE day :)

We've all planted the seeds of awareness, its time to grow some beautiful ACCEPTANCE!

Today is gonna be a busy one for a lot , a lot of people around the world! :3
I'm going over to parliament hill today for ''Autism on the Hill!" A gathering of Autistic people, non-autistic people, Moms , Dads, Grammas ,Grumpas, Sisters ,Brothers , Daughters, Sons, Aunties , Uncles, even Dogs! (We have 2 Autism Dog Guides in Ottawa I think! My brother's dog Chandler is one of them!)

Goodness, its one of the few days in the year where I HOPE THERE WILL BE LOADS OF PEOPLE!
I'm ready! :)
I have my Ipod and sensory items in case I get overwhelmed, I have granola bars in case anyone needs them, I've got doggy bags for Chandler, the coffee is in my cup and I just finished cutting out these :

A Bookmark and Mini-Zine *miniature magazine* featuring What's the A.S.Deal!? and some short sweet information about the fellow spoonies in my life to give out to people I meet today :D
Now, if my anxiety will kindly keep itself in the coat check I would love that!
Shameless self promotion? Yes. For good reasons? Also Yes!

I'm attempting to help others through my art, one ''Aha!''moment for someone else makes all the heart soul and work I put into my comics WELL worth it <3

I'm all for the difference movement, being Autistic isn't bad, its just different :)
It DOES affect me, even though most people who know me have said, "really? I would never have guessed!" Nope, because up until this year, I didn't WANT you to know. I just got tired of ''passing'' as normal, and finally started accepting myself !
I am curvy 
I am proud
I am courageous
I am eccentric
I am a cat person
I am loved 
I am living on my own 
I am determined, I've kicked ass at things people told my Mum I could never accomplish
I am Canadian
I am a woman
I'm an artist
(a good one!)
And on top of a whole long list of things I am
I am Autistic
I'm just a little different :)

WEGO health topic to come later!
Feel free to print yourself a bookmark or mini-zine if you like! Just google or youtube search
 ''how to fold a mini-zine'' for how to put it together !

Lots of Love and Good Juju out to the world today!
(____)===========  (____)=========== (____)=========== (____)==========


  1. I printed out a dozen mini-zines and out them out in the office lunchroom :) SOLIDARITY SISTAH! <3

    1. Holy Cats Batman! :D
      Leah, you are AWESOME! Seriously :)

  2. It was great meeting you briefly today. The rally was great and hopefully next year will be even bigger. Like I had asked about, I have posted your card on facebook.

    1. Thank you! It was very nice to meet you too : )
      It was a good gathering, I think my favorite line was, ''Its about human rights dammit!"
      I do hope more and more people come out every year!
      Thank you for posting my card,
      I hope the week brings you lots of sunshine and good things : )