Sunday, 6 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and # HAWMC Day 6! Its a dinner party O.o

Normally , I don't do dinner parties. They're an assault on the senses and cause overload and social hangover for days! Sitting at a table is absolutely squirm-worthy trying not to fidgit right out of my chair X)
I haven't mentioned yet that I hate hard chairs.. I'd rather sit on the floor!
Today's Health Activist Writer's Month Challenge IS a dinner party O.O

-Sunday Dinner. Who are 5 people you’d love to have dinner with (living or
deceased) and why? Don’t worry we won’t be offended if you don’t choose
those at WEGO Health

Please forgive me if you all aren't on this very short list! Like it says, I'd love to have dinner with just about everyone I know, just one at a darn time! XD
I don't think I would ever EVER be up to the pressure of meeting the unattainable dream list of people, I'd just get so stressed out I'd end up a ball of teary stupid nerves. *sigh*
But I think that says a lot about the people on my real world list, I'm comfortable with you, I appreciate your company, I can talk to you freely , with sillyness , be myself and you still accept me for EXACTLY WHO *I* AM. :)
I love you! <3
And yes, animals are people to me, they count! **because its my blog and I said so!** X)

I made my brains get all smokey turning my cogs trying to think who I would want to have dinner with, and 
I should have thought as cleverly as my friend Drew! Here's his dinner list for Day six here:
That was exceptionally clever !

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)========


  1. im so very glad that I am at both of the dinners. I think they would be tasty. i do love PB and eggs on toast... I think It may be one of my favorites now... We need to try that hamburger that is the same way.

    Great Job!

  2. I love how you incorporated both the "good day" dinner and the "less than stellar" dinner...because I think it's an incredibly important illustration of why we can do some things some days, but not others... <3