Sunday, 20 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC day 20! **Omg 10 days left! **

Travel Time. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you
go? Why? We also know traveling with a chronic illness can be challenging, so
any tips for others that you can share would be great!

With the thought of going anywhere for any length of time and not having to worry about cost *money OR spoons*, I would go on a year's travel. I would go on sort of a road trip to where ever the wind told me to go! ( I realize it would be highly impossible for many reasons, but here is my amazing imaginary trip)

Starting with here on this side of the world I would visit NewBrunswick again and NovaScotia, and then by boat , because its so much better than airplanes, I would travel across to Scotland , I'd like to walk the royal mile and Ireland to see where the giants lived, Wales etc.
I want to see the Peter pan statue and leave him a thimble someday!
*double points if you know what the heck I'm talking about X3 *
I'd like to visit places with beautiful buildings and gorgeous trees, pretty places , beaches, I want to spend some time in a monastery in Tibet or somewhere to just BE and BE quiet at some point in my life so this road trip could include that :)
 I want to see the oldest places and new ones, caves and ruins and feilds and cities and everything in between !

There are loads of things to do and people to meet , places to go and see , and we would meet and go and see them all!
Ou! The haunted forest in Japan at the base of mount Fuji!
And Australia , then come back round again by boat, because boats are SO much better than airplanes X) To HAWAII! To see the volcanoes , find Pele, and learn to surf :)
And all the way back up , through florida, to see the new Harry Potter stuff at Universal studios, and AAAALLLLLLL the way back up , Home again :)
Sounds like a good trip yes?
**And if we're still assuming I am a time lord as per my superpower, I have a Tardis, and we could just travel back and forth in time to see the beginnings and ends of castles, the creation of and current citites! What a cool experience would that be!?**

So , pretty much around the world in 365 days :)

Anyways, as for advice on travelling with Autism, always have your sensory items close at hand, sunglasses to cut bad light, something soft , something wring-y , earplugs or ipod loaded with amazing travelling music, sunscreen, a hat, gum etc. What ever you need to help get you through, AND always carry a small version of this sensory kit on your person, so that when, *I would say if, but it does happen* when you get separated from the rest of your gear, there are objects of comfort nearby when you have anxiety etc.

Take only your most MOST comfy clothing, better if they look nice for travelling, but hey, its YOUR vacation , wear what you like and want to wear :) I prefer soft leggings, little skirts , long bamboo shirts and a sweater. If its not sweater weather, soft leggings , pretty , soft dresses etc. I always love wearing leg warmers and soft sox with no seams, and good runners built , like seriously BUILT for walking! Because I walk, EVERYWHERE. And I'm super hard on shoes :)
If you like peanut butter or ketchup, I suggest you bring these with you, as many places in the world , actually don't stock them! And of course, don't forget your pillow or teddy bear. X)
And just to warn you , toilet paper looks funny in different places too. *lols*

Most of all, travel with someone you trust and love, its more fun to share an adventure than go solo!
*Unless you're cool about travelling all by your ones-y *

Of course my essentials list also includes good sketcher , miniature watercolor set and a variety of pens pencils and eraser :) I don't ever leave home without them! And if I'm going to be seeing SO many amazing places, I'd better have it handy!
Alrighty! Its been a really good , long day involving visitors and chocolate bunnies!
I'm out!

Love and a Spoon!

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