Monday, 7 April 2014

Autism Acceptance Month and #HAWMC Day 7!

Why I write. Tell us why you write about your health. How long have you
been writing? What impact has it made on your life? Write for 15-20 minutes
without stopping.

Why I write/draw comics.

Well, the biggest reason is pretty simple, I suck at punchlines.
I can't tell a story and get it all out in one flowing motion with my mouth so my pen does it for me :)

The other biggest reason is Acceptance, I'm a bit different, I fit in to the world but the world doesn't seem to
want me to fit in. I'm the blue sheep if you will. I've always known, and I'm sure everyone else has always known, but not really known why. *I didn't for the longest time*
I wish I could be more grandly eloquent with why I write, but the fact is I'm not a very good writer, I take forever to get thoughts and things out and down onto a page, right now my penny hen timer already says 10 when I swear to god I set her for 18. And I'm sort of panicking that I don't have enough time. D:

Acceptance in my comic comes in many forms, you accept my offer to read it, you accept the little quirks I show you in little drawings , you accept that some of them are funny and others are not you accept a little piece of me, a little piece of someone with Autism.We're moving past awareness, everyone knows someone with Autism or who knows someone who knows someone who has a cousin who is Autistic.
And often I'm told this with a smile, and ''Hey thats really neat that you draw comics, mind if I read them?"
We've moved right past Aware to Accept ,
And that really means a lot to me :) Thank you.

It goes both ways, I accept that not everyone will want to read my comics, not everyone will find them as amusing as I do or as emotional , but thats because I have a very different range and set of what I find amusing or what causes me to express different emotions.  I accept that I'm going to get bad comments some day, people telling me that I'm weird,vapid, not autistic because I'm *female *vocal or any number of other reasons, I accept that someone somewhere is not going to like me or anything I do,just because.
I accept Myself.  I really didn't until I started writing about who I am, and how my world works because I can see little glimpses through my characters why and what people like about me, why HB tells me I'm ok when I ask "do they really like me do you think? are they really ok that I kind of just sit and absorb , I'm not too weird am I? what if I need to leave early do you think they'll be mad?" He tells me that "of course they like you, they wouldn't have invited us if they didn't! Sure you're ok just being quiet, you talk a lot when the right subject comes around, No they won't be mad at you for leaving early, they get it :)
I'm so happy you all get it, you get me.
Its not that I doubted that people like me, its just that sometimes I can't tell because I don't read people the same way everyone else does, sort of like speaking Italian when everyone is speaking english, bodies and faces and words get a bit muddled in transition and it takes me until after we've gone or a couple days later to process a large gathering with many people.

But those are just more reasons I draw/write. I write because I can, because sometimes I help someone understand another person who maybe CAN'T speak to tell someone whats up. I want to make comics about all the different things I do because then someone else is not alone, I want to make a difference,
 to little girls who get overlooked because they just appear socially inept and shy, I want to make a difference to mums and dads who may not know that their little person doesn't like the sound of the toothbrush scraping his teeth so he screams when a toothbrush is even in a tv commercial and can't tell his mum and dad why he's being loud. I want to help people by making them smile, and laugh and feel things with my little pen and paper characters. I want to bring people into my life, just a little bit , if they want to
I want to make a difference, somehow, for someone , someday.

There are so many reasons why I write and its super hard for me to organize my thoughts enough in 18 minutes **my penny timer just rang , but she fibbs, there's still a minute left**
(that kind of thing makes six minute eggs a little difficult penny! just fyi)

Drat. Out of time... I feel like a lot of superfluous stuff went into that, but thats how my mind works.
It takes the long scenic route to get to the point, thanks for sticking with me and letting me ride with the windows open :)

short points of why I write/draw comics:
-my comics tell better stories than my mouth does
-Autism acceptance
-Self expression and acceptance
-Making a difference, somehow , for someone , someday
-Make other people smile :)

Love and a Spoon
<3 (___)=========

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